Finnish Shukokai Karate Federation recommends

We are happy to announce that the Finnish Shukokai Karate Federation recommends the myClub-service to its member clubs.

”the clubs benefit from myClub as the service makes it easier for example to collect fees on time, to send information to members and to follow up trainee attendance. myClub significantly decreases the admin workload and gives everyone more time to focus on the sport itself.”


Finnish Shukokai Karate Federation

The Finnish Shukokai Karate Federation is the general organisation of Shukokai in Finland and it was founded in 1977. The first Shukokai style karate clubs were founded in the cities of Espoo, Imatra and Lappeenranta. Originally the Shukokai style started in the city of Espoo, where Shihan George formerly lived. A new era began in 1993 in the Finnish Shukokai history, when Shihan George founded the Shukokai Karate School in Suomenniemi. This school also acts as the head quarters of Finnish Shukokai Karate Federation. Today the Finnish Shukokai Karate Federation has 13 clubs in Finland, mainly in Southern and Eastern parts of Finland.

International appreciation

The Finnish Shukokai Karate Federation is well known throughout the world due to the highly respected chief instructor Shihan George and the success of Finnish Shukokai karatekas in international tournaments. The organisational skills of Finnish Shukokai Federation have been successfully tested many times, for example Finland has arranged the World Championship tournament in 1989 and the European Championship tournament in 1997.


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