Koivukylän koiraharrastajat and myClub

Koivukylän koiraharrastajat was founded in 1993. It is an active dog society in Vantaa. We train toko and agility on both hobby and competition level. In addition we arrange, in spring and autumn, basic obedience courses for dog enthusiasts in the nearby region.Koivukylän koiraharrastajat also arrange various events like official and unofficial obediance tests and agility competitions, match shows and lectures about different dog breeds.

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Koivukylän koiraharrastajat started using myClub at the end of 2010. With the service it is easy to keep track of members and to send them information and invoices. The society members are divided into groups, toko, agility and basic training, which also have sub groups according to level. Thus it is easy to send information and create events for exact target groups. The event feature is very important as members can sign up for events via it and member attendance activity can be tracked.

Hanna Sillanpää
Treasurer, Koivukylän Koiraharrastajat ry


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