Porvoo Aikikai ry warmly recommends

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Porvoo Aikikai ry is using myClub for maintaining the member register, attendance follow up, announcements to members and invoicing. A register of the members´ belt grades and validity dates of their aikido insurance is also kept in the member information.
We were thinking of replacing our member register with an internet based system for a long time. Now, after a month of using myClub, we realize that we were thinking for too long!
myClub has proven to be an incredibly easy and user friendly member register.
Member register
Now members can update their contact details themselves, which keeps the member register up to date.
Coaches mark training attendees to myClub events. Members can follow up their training activity via internet and at the same time the club gets valuable statistics of attendance.Aikido belt grades are registered in Finland Aikikai´s belt grade register. Junior trainers have intermediate belt grades which are not kept in register by Finland Aikikai. Therefore the club´s own belt grade register is needed. With myClub we can replace our previous register and members can in their own details see their last belt grade, date of taking it and which judge has approved it.

Internal announcements
With myClub e-mailing announcements can be directed to a specific group (juniors, fitness aikido, coaches etc). Also administrative documents, such as board meeting minutes, reach the members via the register and do not have to be put on the public internet pages for everyone to see.
Previously sending of invoices and payment follow up took an enormous amount of time. Directing payments to the right members was often detective work, especially regarding juniors were the payer and the trainee are not the same… and payments could appear months too late. Now reference numbered payments are directed to right invoices half automatically with a data download and payment follow up is managed easily. The decrease in amount of work is amassing as the whole club´s member and training invoices are sent by e-mail to members (and guardians) in less than half an hour.
Saku Ohtonen
Chairman, Porvoo Aikikai ry
Porvoo Aikikai ry is an aikido club founded in 2004, with about 80 members.
Porvoo Aikikai arranges trainings for juniors in the age of 9 – 13, youngsters over 13 and adults and also fitness aikido, were the oldest member is 70.Trainings are held every day at the new dojo in Mestarintie 23.
Yearly Porvoo Aikikai arranges over 300 supervised trainings were over 4000 training exercises are performed.

Porvoo Aikikai welcomes new trainees to the basic technique group all year.

For more information: www.porvooaikikai.com