Rauman Taekwondo recommends the myClub service

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the myClub service has helped us in many ways…
  1. before training attendees were marked on papers which had to be collected from several places and copied onto a computer. Now attendees are marked directly on the computer and no paper is needed. I can also see beforehand who is attending trainings and if the training should be changed somehow.
  2. before I had to check member information, eg phone number, on my computer at home.
    Now I can check and change member information anywhere on my mobile phone. And best of all, I don’t have to maintain and update member information as they now can do it themselves.
  3. before invoicing was handled with cash or payment slips which I had to remember to do at trainings.
    Now I can send out invoices directly with a few clicks in myClub. The service also reminds both coaches and members if an invoice is past due.
  4. before training schedules for the whole season were handed out on paper to everyone. The paper was easily lost. Now members can see all training times and sites online and changes can be made easily.
The list could be continued…I also have to mention that the service is affordable and service administrators listen to improvement suggestions.

Sami Kiikola
Head Coach, Rauman Taekwondo
Rauman Taekwondo was founded in 1995 and today we have about 50 members.

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