Tapanilan Erän Ju-jutsu recommends myClub

Tapanilan Erän Ju-jutsu is a close combat club training in Tapanila Sport Centre. We arrange training in Ju-jutsu 2000 (also called German Ju-Justu), Brasilian Ju-Justsu and Kali Sikaran.The club was founded in 1994 and has about 200 members.



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Using myClub has made many things easier for us. It is easier to contact members by e-mail or SMS. Announcements are made much faster when we don´t have to use time and energy on giving out copied handouts.
We no longer have to handle bank transfer forms or payments in the gymnasiums. This has decreased the coaches´ work. Coaches only have to mark the attendees on a portable computer with a bar code reader which is done as fast as marking the old paper member cards.
The member register is always up to date which is good. With attendance follow up it is easy to see which members are active and if someone has stopped coming to trainings. Earlier it could take almost a year to get this information. Earlier invoices could be sent only after the season had started whereas now invoices can be sent out before the season starts and due date can be in the early part of the season. Thus the club has the receivables available earlier.
The people at myClub has given us exellent support in problem situations. They have also listened to our development ideas and implemented them without delay.
The people in charge at our club have found myClub easy to use. We can sincerely recommend myClub to all sports clubs.
Mika Holopainen
Tapanilan Erän Ju-jutsu


For additional information: www.jujutsuliitto.fi/tapanilanera